About Us COVID-19 Registration for Stranded Indian Nationals in Lao PDR

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In case of any flights arranged from Lao PDR to India, I agree to:

  1. Undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine, either in a hospital or in an institutional quarantine on payment-basis, on my arrival in India as per the protocols framed by the Government of India;
  2. Bear the expenditure of travel and mandatory quarantine for self and family members;
  3. Abide by the instructions and requirements as detailed by the crew of the flight/Embassy/Consulate/Government of India or medical personnel before, during and after boarding of the flight, and also after disembarkation at the designated airport in India; 
  4. Submit the undertaking as provided at (Download Undertaking Form), to authorized Embassy/Consulate staff before boarding the flight;
  5. Register on the Aarogya Setu App on reaching destination in India.
  • After 'Submit' please ensure that you get a "Thank you for registering with us" page to be sure that your registration in the Database is successful.
  • If you don't get the message please fill your details again.