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Beware of fake E-tourist visa websites

Posted on: January 01, 2020 | Back | Print

In the recent months, there has been an increasing number of complaints relating to frauds perpetrated by fake e-Tourist Visa to India websites. In order to mislead applicants, some of these websites have created images and home page templates mimicking the GOI websites for e-Tourist Visa applicants. A few prominent ones out such websites are as under:


  1. (i) e-touristvisaindia.com

  2. (ii) indianvisaonline.org.in

  3. (iii) e-visaindia.com


Applicants may please note that the correct website of the Government of India to apply for e-Tourist Visa to India is: indianvisaonline.gov.in

Note 1: -  As per the existing guidelines of Ministry of Home Affairs, the Government of India, carrying Thuraya / Irridium satellite phones by foreigners into India is banned."

Note 2: - Foreigners traveling to India having e-Visa on a passport different from the passport number mentioned on Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) issued to them, must carry old passport on which ETA was issued